My Youth

jamala-launchI was conceived 1988 and launched June 1994 in Vancouver, Canada by my builder and first dweller, Keith. Then, you know, years float by and finally in August 1997 we set sail for an ‘unplanned’ and ‘schedule free’ circumnavigation. How exciting!

I sailed Keith down the West coast of North America to Mexico, where I wintered in the Sea of Cortez (Baja).
In 1998, we departed for the South Pacific where I meandered from Island group to Island group for 1 1⁄2 years. jamala-ile-de-pins-new-caledonia
Thereafter, we sailed to New Zealand for the America’s Cup (and out of the Hurricane season), returning to Fiji and New Caledonia for the following season.
I exited the South Pacific by sailing to Brisbane, Australia, then North along the Barrier reef to Darwin, Australia.
I then crossed the Arufa Sea and entered into Indonesia, visiting many islands and sailing up Jungle Rivers in Borneo (now Kalimantan). It was just so cool. jamala-underway
Singapore and Malaysia followed, and the dweller decided we should spend Christmas that year in Phuket, Thailand.
Pretty nice places so far I must say. Plenty of water under my keel, breeze to keep me sailing and interesting dweller stories, which are to be told another day.jamala-sailing
On I went across the Indian Ocean, where we passed through the Andaman Islands and Maldives to spend 3 perfect months in the Chago’s Archipelago.
Now that was quite something. From Chago’s, I was sailed single handed via Seychelles to Mtwapa, Kenya, my new home since 2001.

That has been my story up until now….
I am looking at leaving this fantastic past behind me, lift anchor and set myself free again to go sailing to new horizons! And hopefully get a little closer to my circumnavigation.
As mentioned previously, before that can happen I need a bit of doing up. Can’t leave for the big sea without my top on, now can I!?

So I am going through an new stage of my life at this moment. I am getting a new mast, rig and spars, a new wooden deck and a new bottom! Then of course there will be some other minor bit and bobs that they need to check out, like the LPG system, watermaker, plumbing… but thats all baby stuff… oh and I can’t wait for them to get rid of those tiny ants – they tickle!!
Those are my current major flaws, and I must admit even tho I cant wait to go sailing , it is so entertaining watching the dwellers figure things out… I will be writing a few stories about my repair soon!



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