May I introduce myself:
I am a wandering soul, created with love and nurtured by the sea.
I live in harmony with my Sandra and James. This is them, with me for the first time.img_20151202_114357771
It’s kind of a symbiotic relationship, you may say.
They live in and on me and I carry them around.
Sounds a little like a parasite… but no they are nothing like those pesky toredo worms in the water – they are better looking for sure.
So more like leeches – no thats also a yucky word… hmmm, dwellers, I’ll just call them…
They play, cook, sleep, surf and do all sorts of silly things, which I will be composing these pages of. They are truly fascinating to me.
Trusted information tells me they are humanoid.
Turns out I’m a home built classic wooden boat.
Of Benbow design by no one lesser than William Atkin.
Jamala is my name. Means something like beautiful lady – whereas I think goddess may be more fitting…
Dear, rambling I am. So this whole adventure of mine actually started at birth for me, as for all of us I guess.
My birth story, which took about 6 years, was an adventurous tale in itself.
If you want to know how I was put together with love, devotion and only 2 hands go here.
For all you tech freaks out there these are my sexy specs:

  1. LOA – 37 feet
  2. LOD – 29 feet, 9 inches
  3. Beam – 10 feet, 1 inch
  4. Draft – 5 feet, 8 inches
  5. Displacement – 16,000 pounds
  6. Ballast – 4,800 pounds
  7. Sail Area – 590 square feet

My mission is rather simple.
Sail the 7 seas and show that little souls can achieve big things.
I have come pretty far already venturing all the way from my birthplace
Vancouver, Canada across the Pacific to these nice warm waters in East Africa.
But shockingly thats already over a decade ago.
I had a little hiccup there you see – I need a dweller to move on (even tho believe me I’ve tried to break out and make it on my own).
And my original dweller – the dweller of dwellers, because he was also my builder,
found other pleasure ashore.
So I was dwellerless since 2001, chained to my mooring in Mtwapa, Kenya. Now finally I have found some new dwellers as mentioned above and am ready to move on.
It was quite a fascinating way I found these two new dwellers in December 2015 and I think you should read about that here.

And here we are now December 2016. Well I am a little out of shape you see, I mean every lady goddess that sits around doing nothing accumulates some rot, right? Which in my opinion builds character for the dwellers. It means they need to get their barnacles together to make me sailable again. Plus we get to know each other really well. A little pre journey bonding – and I just love playing games with dwellers and throwing in the odd ball. It just gives me a little pleasurable kick to see them sweat and swear.

So welcome to these pages where I will be sharing my view on the dwellers lives, my life and of course the ocean and all the places I cant wait to see!

Fair winds,