How I found my new dwellers

I had been bobbing around my mooring for almost 13 years before my original dweller, Keith, finally got convinced by a friend to find me some new dwellers – some that would actually breathe some life back into me.
Give me the tender loving care I deserve, you know. And damn, it was about time, as you see, us fine pieces of ocean going art don’t get any younger!

So this was the idea they hashed out to find some new lovers for me:
1. Give me away for free, to a humanoid that would invest the money and time to get me back on track for offshore cruising. Paying it forward so to speak.
2. Part of the deal is that they sail me away to far off adventures
3. Once the current dwellers reached their expiration date , they would find someone else who would keep sailing me forever so I could become vintage and super cool (coz thats just how boats work – the older we get the more admiration we get, forget bout what I said earlier)

Oh and of course he wanted me to stay in touch, coz I’m his baby. So another condition was for the dwellers to post my logbook on the internet for him to see. So we could stay in touch and he could see how I was doing, you know , because first love never dies…
Anywhoo I’m a pretty amazing storyteller so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too. Otherwise why would you be reading this right!? I mean a boats diary…get a life…

So off he went to Thailand for his affair with another yacht – a catamaran. Never understood that but I guess some men like bigger toys. To my luck thats where he found the new dwellers Sandra and James!
You see Sandra was an old friend, who is a sailor, loves the ocean and little wooden boats. Plus coolest thing is I know her from way back! Always noticed how she looked at me with that look on her face, like she wanted to take me sailing. I new she digged my lines from the moment I sailed into Mtwapa (where I have been bound to my mooring for so long now!)
And Keith had even met her boyfriend James a few years back.
So I could tell Keith found these two, because they told him exactly what he wanted to hear: That they were looking for a boat to go cruising the seven seas on! He was even more chuffed that they incidentally were the perfect dweller couple for me!
James all technical, as an electrical engineer and computer geek, who can check out all my systems and Sandra, as a little sailor to take care of me and navigate us to far off places!

How exciting! I could feel the seagrass tickling my keel when I got the news! And guess what – next best thing to make it the perfect fit? Sandra is actually from Kenya and grew up right on the shoreline in Mtwapa , where I am moored! So she could even be with her humanoid family while they were fixing me up…

This all happened in August 2015 and then they promptly came to visit me for christmas that year. They checked out many nooks and crannies in the tidal

dry dock  (Tho I hid a couple of surprises, cant give it all away in one go, you know..) and they got straight to work.
It took them a little while to leave their lives in Thailand to come and fully dedicate themselves to get me ready for cruising, but thats ok. Sandra finally got here in June 2016 and James in August of 2016 to start one of the biggest projects I could offer in a long while: building a completely brand spanking new mast for me!

But now thats enough for one day – I’ll tell you more about the new mast being built soon!

So long landlubbers.